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😟 What’s the bigger threat to democracy? Trump, Turkey or your social media feed?

👋🏼 Pokémon Going Going Gone! But is hasn’t even started to release in Asia - one of the possibly biggest markets for such a game?

📱 An interesting look at how refugees in Greece are using their smartphones.

😳 Four year olds in China are using WeChat, are you?

💡Check out this Quora Session with Yann LeCun who’s Director of AI Research at Facebook.

😂 Martha Stewart setting her self up nicely for the age of irony. With Snoop Dogg!

🎥 More IKEA! Check out people trying to assemble their furniture while under the influence at HIKEA.

🔫 Coming iOS 10 and macOS Sierra the pistol emoji will be a water gun, here’s why.

📈 How Uber and Airbnb got their first customers.

📝 The science behind making smarter decisions.

🤓 Trump is using an Android for his hateful tweets meanwhile staff trying to clean up his feed with an iPhone.

🗣 Hit Obama up on Messenger.

😬 Wow, did Trump actually call for the assassination of Hillary Clinton?

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